Every year we provide a one-week respite holiday to 60 families in poverty and living in the north west of Glasgow.  

For these families a holiday is not a luxury it is a much needed break from the challenging circumstances they face at home – for many it will be their first ever holiday.

In 2014 our services supported 243 people, all of whom benefited from an enhanced range of services in addition to their holiday.

We have listed our services below.

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GHA Short Break Service

Funded by GHA’s Better Lives programme we are able to provide respite breaks to GHA customers living in poverty and facing challenging circumstances.  If you are a GHA customer and live in the north west area of Glasgow, please visit your local GHA office for further information on how you could access the Short Break Service.

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North West Glasgow Short Break Service

We own two caravans situated at the Craig Tara Holiday Park and provide respite breaks to families living in the north west of Glasgow, living in poverty and facing challenging circumstances.  If you meet our eligibility criteria you can apply via one of our member organisations.

Access Initiatives

Access Initatives

Holidays can be expensive.  As well as paying for the holiday, added costs such as transport, food and drink, entertainment and holiday clothes often increase the cost of going on holiday for many families.  That is why we provide everyone accessing our Short Break Services with a range of additional initatives to ensure their holiday is as affordable as possible.  This includes:

  • Free door-to-door transport
  • Free passes for every family member to the entertainment complex
  • A big bag of fruit and veg worth £10
  • A discount card giving families 50% off all activities on site and 15% off all other purchases

These initatives save our families approximatly £200 each!