Our vision

We want to live in a world where:

Every family can enjoy the benefits that a break from home can bring.

Our mission

We will achieve this vision by:

Providing families living in poverty and facing challenging circumstances with a much needed break from home.

Our values

And we will carry out this work in the following ways:

We will ensure that low income is not a barrier to participation in holiday and leisure activities as those who cannot afford a holiday often need it most.

  • We will embrace diverse range of family types, recognising the different ways in which people live together and support one-another.
  • We will listen to the families we work with, ensuring their concerns, comments and aspirations shape our charity and the service we provide.
  • We will celebrate the achievements of the charity, our volunteers and the families we work with as a means of promoting the impact of our work.
  • We will be an advocate of Social Tourism, promoting the social, economic and cultural benefits of our work and the work of similar organisations.