In 1985 Harrow Court Housing Complex gifted their caravan to the Drumchapel Volunteer Group who co-ordinated the letting of the caravan to local families.

In 2004 Drumchapel Caravan Project was born.  Thanks to funding provided by the National Lottery an administrator and a driver were recruited, two new caravans purchased and the group was set up as an independent organisation and service level agreement signed with the Glasgow Volunteer Centre.

During this time the project ran a number of sucessful initatives including: free fruit and veg, oral hygeine packs, home safety information and an educational library within the caravans.  The group also became a charity in 2008 and secured funding from the Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland to cover some of the project administrators salary costs once Lottery Funding came to an end.

An evaluation carried out in 2008 highlighted the many sucesses of the project and the need for the project to continue into the future.

In recognition of the deteriorating condition of their caravans, the need to raise funds and the even greater challenges families faced as a result of the economic down-turn, trustees decided to take action.

A fundraising campaign was launched in 2011 and £80,000 from a range of sourced was rased to purchase two new holiday homes.  A new constitution was adopted and revenue funding from Glasgow Housing Association enabled Trustees to not only reduce the cost of holidays but also to support families from outwith Drumchapel.

At their first AGM as a co-operative the Trustees unanimously decided to adopt The Caravan Project as its new trading name, reflecting the changes that had taken place over the previous year.

We are now recieving applications for 2015 breaks, if you or anyone you know is interested in applying, please contact one of our member organisations for more information.