Having operated since 1985 we have a strong track record of making a difference in peoples lives.  Over the years a strong pattern of the difference we make to people’s lives has emerged.

Our short breaks:

  • Bring families closer together and do more things together as a result of their holiday. The holiday, as a break from the daily stresses and worries, often give the family the opportunity to spend quality time together and rediscover each other.
  • Increase the confidence of individuals who go on holiday. On holiday little problems may arise, and away from their familiar environments and support networks, the participants often had to get the problem solved themselves. These little challenges were shown to often be a base of renewed confidence after the holiday.
  • Increase the social and support networks of parents, carers and families. This is particularly important for those who feel isolated and excluded.
  • Improving mental health and wellbeing with evidence showing that this persists long after the holiday.
  • Improve individuals outlook on life; our holidays shows that even in difficult circumstances, good things can happen. This leads to renewed courage and a more pro-active attitude to life. Small changes can be the basis of bigger improvements in the daily lives of the participants: some started a course after the holiday, gave up smoking or anti-depressants, started visiting their social support organisation more often or changed jobs.
  • Improved access to community services following the holiday.  We operate initiatives for families before, during and after the holiday that encourage and support them access services that improve their life.  This includes: saving and budgeting facilities within the local credit union, healthy eating and living activities, stress and counselling support, reading and learning activities within the local library.