Brian’s Story

“It was a fantastic service all round from the referral to departure home. In life, family means everything and quite often you only remember the bad or sad. Being given the chance to spend a wonderful holiday with my Daughter gives us life-long memories, in addition to realising that life is not always tough. I feel for my daughter- my inspiration, and my memories have taken me back to the toughest and most important part in my life. 

For her to see her dad after incubation and now disabled must have been such a shock to her at a young age. Her regular visits to hospital, gave me the strength to push my daily gym physiotherapy. She was such an inspiration, motivating me to get out the wheelchair, eventually onto my feet and leaving to go home with the kids with a quad stick. Having my Daughter, who helps care for me on holiday with me at Craig Tara, was fantastic. Being a single Dad, my Daughter is around me alone most of the time. Seeing her with the freedom to have fun and mix with other children while balancing her care for me was such a blessing and fantastic to see.

Unfortunately life throws many challenges at us and sometimes we find it hard to see or get through it. I am so thankful to The Caravan Project for giving me such a wonderful bonding time with my Daughter and an opportunity to show we can do it. What The Caravan Project does is provide you with an opportunity for the family, despite your personal difficulties, get away and enjoy some quality respite time with the family to a five star caravan park.

The Caravan Project know what the modern world challenges are placed in front of families, and from your application via a referreral, through being dropped off at your door when home. It is an outstanding chance, to lift your family out of the strains of daily life to get away and enjoy a break with your family. Being disabled, The Caravan Project knew me and my family’s needs and dealt with them, allowing me a fantastic break.”