Monday 25th March 2019

A Fun Family Experience

The Caravan project has helped provide wonderful experiences for families across Glasgow. On the 28th of April we will be taking part in The Kiltwalk to try and achieve our target of raising £10,000 to provide 1000 kids with a big day out. Your involvement could give a child a full day out, including transport, food, and entry into a variety of fun experiences.

Amanda’s Story

Those who we have worked with previously have told us how important a small break was for them and their family. Amanda spoke to us after her wee holiday, and told us about some of the memories created through The Caravan Project.

Amanda and her family faced some challenging circumstances which had stopped them from getting away together. “I work full time, Terry’s unemployed, Aiden’s at high school. Aiden is 14 and Lucy is 17 months, so between the two of them it has been difficult to find something that fits in and that they can both enjoy together.”

The family had not spent some valuable time together, and so The Caravan Project helped them spend that much needed time on a holiday. Your involvement with us in The Kiltwalk can go towards creating opportunities of days out and small breaks for those who are not fortunate to have that. Amanda reflected on her experiences, and spoke about her “happy memories like Lucy’s first time on the beach and building sandcastles with her brother, and skipping stones into the sea.”

For Amanda, Terry, Aiden and Lucy, the experiences they had were unforgettable. We want to keep offering these experiences to families and individuals across Glasgow. We are looking forward to putting on our walking boots for The Kiltwalk on the 28th of April and hope that you will decide to join us. You could help us achieve our dream of providing 1000 kids with a big day out. To find out more about The Kiltwalk and out charity please visit the websites below.

The Kiltwalk

The Caravan Project

Monday 18th March 2019

Help 1000 Glasgow kids have a BIG DAY OUT!

A break away from our normal lives is something we all deserve and can sometimes take for granted. Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege to have a holiday with our family and loved ones.

The Caravan Project works to organise much needed breaks for families who are facing challenging circumstances. We have offered affordable holidays and respite to over 1600 families living in Glasgow since 1985. We also run a BIG DAY OUT programme, organising free trips and transport to a wide range of groups across North West of Glasgow.

Just as little as £10 can provide a full day out for a child including transport, food, and entry into a variety of fun experiences.

On the 28th of April The Caravan Project will be one of many charities taking part in The Kiltwalk. Participants will walk 23 miles through Glasgow, starting at Glasgow Green and finishing by Moss O Balloch. Last year over 5 million pounds were raised for 1,156 charities. With the help of the winner of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, this year’s event anticipates similar success. The Hunter Foundation has pledged to add 40% of the total amount raised by walkers, making a huge difference for charities across Scotland.

With only 50 walkers we can raise as much as £10,000. These funds will go towards providing 1000 Glasgow kids with a BIG DAY OUT.