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The Caravan Project has just published their first ever Impact Report.  The report pulls together all the information collected from families as they applied for and evaluated their holiday.

All of the 56 families who went on holiday with the project last year felt they had the chance to spend quality time together as a result of their holiday, with nearly all families saying they felt less stressed, more able to cope with home life and are looking forward to their future.

Jamie Mallan, Project Manager with the Caravan Project said:

“2014 was a great year for The Caravan Project, we won a Scottish Charity Award, helped set up the Family Holiday Co-operative in the north east of Glasgow and continued to attract finances from our funders, however our Impact Report outlines what made 2014 truly great.”

“For the 56 families we supported in 2014 their holiday wasn’t a luxury – it was a lifeline – and our Impact Report for 2014 helps illustrate this with everyone going on holiday saying they had spent quality time together.”

You can download the 2014 Impact Report here.